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May 06 2014

the intelligent wrist watch

In the 1970s , the films of secret agents showed amazing communication devices that could be installed in just about anything , but nothing drew as much attention as watches with phone, camera and all that is included and gadget functionality .
For today life imitates art and finally came to our hands (or wrists ) this mobile handset from LG , mounted on a clock that seems to have gone out of feature films most extraordinary film .


If you pass on the street and see someone talking to the watch itself , do not be alarmed ! The device may be the LG GD910 . At first , the gadget looks ... just a watch, with the difference of having a huge display in place of pointers , and boxy design instead of the classic round shape of the wrist .
The stainless steel finish and tempered glass ensure that the appliance has a great durability, even in the hands of the most awkward people. Speaking of which , the strength and quality of construction of this device actually outperform many expensive watches sold there.
The bracelet in black and brown is quite comfortable , and the clasp of the watch does not hold in the skin or by the arm , which makes it an efficient ergonomic and enjoyable device to be used in day-to - day.
The good sober look may not appeal to athletes on duty, but is sure to please the very executives who need to maintain an equally serious look.


Talking in this watch is a sacrifice for those who do not like the bluetooth headphones . Because of its small size , the Watch Phone is not very comfortable to use as a phone. Being a watch , bluetooth headphones really become indispensable for this device (unless you want to walk around with the phone talking indiscreetly ) .
The video call is a very interesting feature on the device , and thanks to its integrated 3G camera and you can feel your own James Bond , talking with relatives and friends just looking at his watch .
Internet browsing is very precarious because although the device using 3G technology , using the small screen touchscreen 1.45 " is very complicated.
The recharger cell , in turn , is very peculiar . It has a format similar to a jacket that you put on the device to transfer data or even recharge the watch .
Its touchscreen display has a resolution of only 128x160 , but because of the size , the screen image is very sharp . You may encounter difficulties with applications that have very small letters on behalf of the resolution , as well as large pages that need to be scrolled both vertically and horizontally.
The weakness of Watch Phone , however , is the battery . With only 510mah , it lasts a short time , and depending on the use of the watch you need to charge it every day.
Miniaturization has its price and you can see it on this unit . Besides having its limited resources , the toy costs almost £ 3000 ! Definitely a luxury for the few
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